Write about your Difficult Topics

Write about your difficult topics and build in the emotion.

Michelle’s books do this in:

*An emotional book about #alcoholism and hope: One Equals Six

*A story of triumph through a progressive curvature of the spine called #scoliosis: Growing Up with Scoliosis

*A family’s long journey with #alzheimers: Lost Memories Found Hope

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How to Start Writing by Michelle Spray

New writers always ask me how they can get started writing a book. Here’s my advice to jump-start the process!

Don’t write in order. This helps. Write each scene on a new document so when you think about a certain incident or scene, just write about that. Start with voice text in your notes app and just babble.. while you’re driving, while you’re doing the dishes.. Don’t worry about grammar, structure or chronological order. For now. Just brainstorm thoughts on the page! Hope this helps. I also write scenes based on my mood. For example I won’t try to write a happy scene when I’m pissed off that day. 🧡

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Put your Words on the Page. Edit Later.

Oh, notes app, how I love thee! I woke up in the middle of the night to dictate the chapter I was stuck on all week. This chapter provides the perfect segue for a new character. Now all I have to do is open the notes app on my laptop which will sync for easy copy/paste/edit. Thank you technology!

Put your words on the page.

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Don’t Forget your Personality Disorders when #writing

When writing your characters’ backstories, don’t forget about personality disorders!
She says, “It isn’t just partners that can be a covert narcissist, it can be “friends”, coaches, colleagues and family so I wanted to share in the hope it helps any of my friends who find themselves in contact with someone like this within their life right now.

… When you think of a narcissist, you probably think of someone who is an attention seeker, very confident and will manipulate anyone to get what they want and these are known as overt narcissists.
However, what you may not realize is that not all narcissists are openly manipulative and arrogant.
A covert narcissist can be even more dangerous because they don’t advertise their ego and can come across as an incredible NICE and HELPFUL person! A pillar of the community.
Here are 7 signs to help you spot the covert narcissist in your life.
1) They’re Extremely Sensitive
2) They Act Smug to Express Their Sense of Superiority
3) They Don’t Do Well with Forming Relationships
4)They Demand So Much But Give So Little
5)They’re Great at Making You Feel Sorry For Them
6)They Show a Lack of Respect to People In Private When Nice In Public
7)They Blame Everyone But Themselves

How to Deal With a Covert Narcissist…..
Whenever you meet a covert narcissist, you may, at first be wowed by their charm, but soon you’ll find that they disagree with everything you say and put you in awkward positions to defend yourself knowing you cannot possibly win the argument.
It’s best to steer clear whenever possible … You have an obligation to yourself to protect yourself and take time to heal and recover from this insidious kind of emotional abuse…” Read more about each of these 7 at Caroline Strawson: Overcoming Narcissistic Trauma on Facebook.
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Michelle Spray Tackles Hard Subjects of Alcoholism, Domestic Abuse and Special Needs Parenting in New Book

My interview with Claire about my newest book One Equals Six at Book Talk Radio Club is live! Take a listen. My hope for this book is that it will help many women in the same situation. Thank you Claire for letting me speak about these important topics.


Purchase this book for a friend in the same situation on Amazon:

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One Equals Six by Michelle Spray

Thank you to my amazing husband Erick for always being loving, caring, considerate, supportive and above all my biggest cheerleader and best friend. I’m a lucky girl! Here’s my latest book.. deep, emotional, but hopefully inspirational for women in the same situation.

“Michelle Spray, in her latest novel One Equals Six, has taken the difficult issues of alcoholism and domestic violence, merged them with the challenges that come with parenting a special needs child, and woven all three into a story infused with courage and hope. Offset throughout by snippets of therapeutic wisdom, this book becomes a must read for any woman wishing to escape an abusive family situation. Kudos!”
– Maria T. Daversa, Ph.D.

“People deserve to be treated fairly and kindly. And if people in your life treat you badly, you deserve to escape and build your own life. One Equals Six by Michelle Spray is a book of hope, not of despair. I can imagine another mom reading this and getting the courage to walk away. Yay to the author for writing this.” – Karen Gamble

A stagger. A slammed door. The stress of special needs parenting took its toll on Frank. He swore he would stop drinking, but could he do it on his own? Would he get help with Faith’s urging? Will she stay in the marriage? “What am I teaching my daughter?”

One Equals Six by Michelle Spray on Amazon

What’s your Editing Process?

Hi all! Happy Spring! I’m #editing my novella this week! Trying to squeeze it in before the kids are home next week for April break. My first round will be grammatical edits and easy changes page by page. Then I will go back and “go deeper” expanding scenes (or cutting) per my editor’s notes. I found a new favorite purple pen that I’m loving! (It’s the little things!) What’s your editing process?

In other news, I’ve added a new children’s book idea @ Special Books for Special Challenges by Michelle Spray to my plate. My illustrator is on schedule for May. It felt like a far enough deadline.. Oops! Guess I should start researching/writing it!!! #writerslife #amwriting Let’s get in gear. Who’s with me this second quarter of 2021 for #writinginspiration? #michellespray www.michellespray.com/updates
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