How To Support your Writer “Person“?

Although this video is geared toward NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which is a very strict writing deadline for the month of November or 1,667 words per day, this is very helpful video in knowing how to deal with your writer “person”. How do you deal with this stranger who hasn’t showered in four days and wakes up at the crack of dawn to start writing? Thank you NaNoWriMo for posting this cute video. Are You participating in NaNoWriMo? #writingcommunity #writeyourstory

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Partners and your Writing Schedule

Hi writers! What are you up to with your writing? I am up to 27,000 words in my WIP. I have a mid November deadline with my editor to finish, so I’ve been working furiously. Four weeks to go!

Question for you.. I belong to the 5am Writers Club on Twitter yet my husband seems to take it personally when I’m not in bed when he wakes up in the morning. Do any of you have this issue and how do you overcome it? His quiet time is at night when everyone’s asleep, mine is in the morning (when everyone’s asleep.. same thing) when I have the most energy. I also compartmentalize and figure out plot holes, twists, problems etc while I’m sleeping and can wake up refreshed with ideas and a plan. I LOVE mornings. I love the freedom of being able to sit with coffee before the sun comes up in peace. Especially with a special needs son at home and being mom’s taxi service for sports and all their different buses (oh and distance learning certain days) ..nights just aren’t possible for me. I’m fried by 7pm. And most days, my husband’s not even home from work yet by 7. What are your thoughts, suggestions .. encouragement?! Quote via leroywarden1 on Instagram. Are you on Insta too? 🌸

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What Kind of Writer are You?

Pantsers, Plotters … what we can agree on is that the story needs to follow some sort of structure. To outline or not to outline?!?

Below are two methods to download/get you started #writing your story. 1) Abbie Emmons’ 3-Act Story Structure and 2) Sarra Cannon’s Plot Your Novel Series Links on my FB author page @spraybooksetc Let me know what you think! #writeyourstory #keepgoing #michellespray #amwriting #writingcommunity #5amwritersclub #plotterorpantser

Getting Interrupted: Writing During Quarantine While Everyone’s Home

“The great enemy of writing isn’t your own lack of talent … it’s being interrupted by other people.” — Joyce Carol Oates. Well, ain’t that the truth!?

Besides life (you know, getting in the way) what have you been up to? I’m getting ready to release a new children’s book AND I’m also writing my novel again!

I’m chopping the project down to small chunks, writing one incident at a time. This way, although I may be interrupted (all day every day) I don’t have to worry about chronological order. I only have to concentrate on one scene at a time. Who’s in it? What do they want? What’s the body language? What’s the dialogue? More specifics can be added later but this is your starting point for the scenes within your chapters. #justwrite #keepwriting #michellespray

My Story, Your Story #youcandoittoo #michellespray

After #writing my first book on my scoliosis journey @ Growing Up with Scoliosis by Michelle Spray, I tried to put it to bed and never speak of it again … but it followed me. I’m proud that it has helped countless families nationwide over the past two decades. Since then, I became primary caregiver to my grandmother who battled #alzheimers for nearly a decade. I lost myself in her journey and wrote about that too @ Lost Memories Found Hope.

Shortly after that, I gave birth to two special needs children and my life for the next decade consisted of new syndromy words, hospitals, surgeries, specialists, divorce, and job loss.

Recently, I’ve started to open up about their journey’s in the form of (my new creative and emotional outlet) my children’s books @ BookShelf123. Like my scoliosis, I tried putting their diagnoses aside, but I realized that writing about these helps me as well as families going through the same things. My heart fills up when families write to tell me how much I have helped them!

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey and I hope it helps you to know that #youcandoit #youcandoittoo #michellespray #WRITE your story! #writeyourstory #WritingCommunity On Facebook!

Writing The End! Or IS It?!

#writing part 6: The end is only about the last quarter of the book. Problems are resolved. It might be sad or heart-wrenching. It might be happy. Check your genre for specific rules. But here at the end, the choices have been made. The character faces the “thing”, the truth, the problem. Once you’ve done this, then all you have to do is figure out how to say “THE END”. How do you want the reader to feel when finishing the very last word?

Again, you’re brainstorming, you are only thinking of your core ideas. As in the previous post, this is a basic starter-format to follow just to get you to put some words on that page!

Once you’ve finished these steps, go back, edit, fix plot holes, add subplots, other characters. But for now #Justwrite #youcandoit #youcandoittoo #michellespray On social media @spraybooksetc

Write The Middle

Congrats you made it to the middle chunk of the book! Part 5. Here, the main characters take action to resolve the problem. The what if’s, the choices … Here you can add your subplots or other characters to move the story forward. Is it funny? Is there a conflict? Readers can feel the end coming. And just when they think it’s over or they know how it will end… Something Happens. What is it?!

Again, you’re brainstorming, you are only thinking of your core ideas. As in the previous post, this is a basic starter-format to follow just to get you to put some words on that page! Don’t edit. #Justwrite #youcandoit #youcandoittoo Stay tuned for more! #michellespray
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