Kids with Differences want to be Like Everyone Else

I would like to thank Dr. Melissa-Sue John of Lauren Simone Publishing House for her lovely blog about differences and her 5-Star Review of my newest children’s picture book: Like Everyone Else. Shout out to Valeria for making my words come to life with her amazing illustrations… and to all the “additional needs” families for staying strong through it all. This review is for you!

Michelle’s son has #22q, a genetic condition second common to Downs, yet many have never heard of it. It can present with over 180 different symptoms: heart, lungs, kidney, failure to thrive, failure to grow, feeding issues, nasal reflux, Velopharyngeal Dysfunction, speech delays, developmental delays, (many issues are misdiagnosed as Autism), ADHD, behavior, significant motor and learning delays, apraxia, GI issues, orthopedic issues, VCFS, folded ears, low set ears, small mouth and jaw, to name just a FEW.

Join Michelle as she starts to talk about finding YOU when life gets in the way. #youcandoittoo #MichelleSpray (#22q: 22q11.2 syndrome)

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