Lost Memories, Found Hope: A Granddaughter’s Story of Love throughout Alzheimer’s is HERE!

I know my grandmother is looking down with a smile today!

Preview: A final fight with her mother propels Jillian out of the house to live with her grandmother. Little did anyone know the adventure they would encounter would be called Alzheimers.

“Each family member copes with Alzheimer’s in their own way: denial, grief, acceptance, and avoidance. Michelle Spray leads us through the realities of the “long goodbye,” from unplugging the stove, taking away the car keys, asking for help, and eventually finding a nursing home. Her main character, Jillian, bears the burden of caring for her grandmother who has the disease.

Written with humor and love, Spray deftly paints a portrait of a young woman facing these challenges with equal measures of grace and despair. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has walked alongside a loved one with Alzheimer’s.” -Karen Gamble

“It’s moving, sometimes funny, sometimes heart wrenching and always very loving.” -Natalie Bates

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