My Story, Your Story #youcandoittoo #michellespray

After #writing my first book on my scoliosis journey @ Growing Up with Scoliosis by Michelle Spray, I tried to put it to bed and never speak of it again … but it followed me. I’m proud that it has helped countless families nationwide over the past two decades. Since then, I became primary caregiver to my grandmother who battled #alzheimers for nearly a decade. I lost myself in her journey and wrote about that too @ Lost Memories Found Hope.

Shortly after that, I gave birth to two special needs children and my life for the next decade consisted of new syndromy words, hospitals, surgeries, specialists, divorce, and job loss.

Recently, I’ve started to open up about their journey’s in the form of (my new creative and emotional outlet) my children’s books @ BookShelf123. Like my scoliosis, I tried putting their diagnoses aside, but I realized that writing about these helps me as well as families going through the same things. My heart fills up when families write to tell me how much I have helped them!

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey and I hope it helps you to know that #youcandoit #youcandoittoo #michellespray #WRITE your story! #writeyourstory #WritingCommunity On Facebook!