One Equals Six by Michelle Spray

Thank you to my amazing husband Erick for always being loving, caring, considerate, supportive and above all my biggest cheerleader and best friend. I’m a lucky girl! Here’s my latest book.. deep, emotional, but hopefully inspirational for women in the same situation.

“Michelle Spray, in her latest novel One Equals Six, has taken the difficult issues of alcoholism and domestic violence, merged them with the challenges that come with parenting a special needs child, and woven all three into a story infused with courage and hope. Offset throughout by snippets of therapeutic wisdom, this book becomes a must read for any woman wishing to escape an abusive family situation. Kudos!”
– Maria T. Daversa, Ph.D.

“People deserve to be treated fairly and kindly. And if people in your life treat you badly, you deserve to escape and build your own life. One Equals Six by Michelle Spray is a book of hope, not of despair. I can imagine another mom reading this and getting the courage to walk away. Yay to the author for writing this.” – Karen Gamble

A stagger. A slammed door. The stress of special needs parenting took its toll on Frank. He swore he would stop drinking, but could he do it on his own? Would he get help with Faith’s urging? Will she stay in the marriage? “What am I teaching my daughter?”

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