Partners and your Writing Schedule

Hi writers! What are you up to with your writing? I am up to 27,000 words in my WIP. I have a mid November deadline with my editor to finish, so I’ve been working furiously. Four weeks to go!

Question for you.. I belong to the 5am Writers Club on Twitter yet my husband seems to take it personally when I’m not in bed when he wakes up in the morning. Do any of you have this issue and how do you overcome it? His quiet time is at night when everyone’s asleep, mine is in the morning (when everyone’s asleep.. same thing) when I have the most energy. I also compartmentalize and figure out plot holes, twists, problems etc while I’m sleeping and can wake up refreshed with ideas and a plan. I LOVE mornings. I love the freedom of being able to sit with coffee before the sun comes up in peace. Especially with a special needs son at home and being mom’s taxi service for sports and all their different buses (oh and distance learning certain days) ..nights just aren’t possible for me. I’m fried by 7pm. And most days, my husband’s not even home from work yet by 7. What are your thoughts, suggestions .. encouragement?! Quote via leroywarden1 on Instagram. Are you on Insta too? 🌸

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