Sad? Unmotivated? The answer is Goals.

Stop. Pause. “You are writing the script.” So what’s the problem? We feel stuck. We feel sad. The problem is goals. Not having any.

All my children have been moping around this house for months due to quarantine. For Christmas I told my daughter that she could get her ears double pierced. The excitement in her body and on her face was a happiness that I have not seen in quite some time … from any of us. So we had a big discussion about goals: What makes us happy? What do we want? And the feeling that she felt at that moment was something that she needs to ALWAYS look forward to in the form of goals.

Can we even remember the last time we felt so excited about something? Now is the time. Take the end of 2020 to figure out what we want by the end of 2021. Research the steps on how to get there. And break it down into small chunks (many steps within each step) that can bring us to a realistic deadline. I say this to YOU as much as I am saying this to motivate myself. We are all in this together. So tell me, how are you going to plan in 2021?

Here’s one of my favorite motivational speakers, Les Brown. He talks about standing up to that inner voice that’s trying to sway you. 6:12: “…you you have got to stand up to that voice… According to your level of believe it will manifest itself in what you’re doing.” “…When you step in to your fears” 9:13 “… can can continue to push yourself to go on, Something happens for you. It will enable you to Transcend yourself…” 30:20 “Past experiences, past defeats, pain … it probably won’t work out now … Many people confuse experiences with who they are” 31:28 “…see The last chapter to your life has not been written yet. And it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday…” 33:56 Whitney Young “It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” “Start working and developing yourself for what it is that you want because you expect to get it.” Are you ready? —Les Brown – You’ve gotta be hungry – motivation video

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