Two Simple Steps to Start Writing your Book!

Do you procrastinate, too? Does life get in the way? When would you like to have a completed book in your hands? No idea? Here are two simple ways to get started!

Make two timelines: a realistic goal and a dream. Do ONE thing TODAY toward the realistic goal. It could be brainstorming ideas in no particular order. It could be buying a notebook or a laptop. Whatever you need to get started, do that! Life will always get in the way. Do something every day. #youcandoittoo #writing #writinginspiration #michellespray

Secret: It takes longer to NOT write your book!

Michelle Spray is an “additional needs” mom and understands the meanings of “precious time” and “procrastination” in the midst of all of her childrens’ doctors appointments, surgeries, and challenges. Still, she gets things done. Follow her on her journey.

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