Writing THE END or IS it?

#writing part 6: The end is only about the last quarter of the book. Problems are resolved. It might be sad or heart-wrenching. It might be happy. Check your genre for specific rules. But here at the end, the choices have been made. The character faces the “thing”, the truth, the problem. Once you’ve done this, then all you have to do is figure out how to say “THE END”. How do you want the reader to feel when finishing the very last word?

Again, you’re brainstorming, you are only thinking of your core ideas. As in the previous post, this is a basic starter-format to follow just to get you to put some words on that page!

Once you’ve finished these steps, go back, edit, fix plot holes, add subplots, other characters. But for now #Justwrite #youcandoit #youcandoittoo #michellespray www.michellespray.com On social media @spraybooksetc