Writing Tips: Part 2: A Typical Day, Until it’s Not!

A Typical Day … until it’s NOT!

Once you have the basic idea for your opening, you can start on the basic ideas for the next part of your story.

This is when you introduce important characters and describe their typical life which goes on until the moment something (or someone) comes in to change all of that.

In this first stage of writing (brainstorming) you are only thinking of your core ideas. Sub plots and twists come later.. but you can be thinking now about how to weave these in.

As in the previous post about writing the opening scene, this is a basic starter-format to follow just to get you to put some words on that page! Don’t edit. #Justwrite #youcandoit #youcandoittoo Stay tuned for more! #michellespray @SprayBooksEtc