Distance Learning, Work-at-Home Parents, I See You.

My favorite time of day! I’m actually sitting on the couch with a book, a blanket and my feet up. Wow! This is recharging time after some hysterical distance learning days with my special needs son .. who was crying .. him AND me. Such is the life of a special needs parent. He tries so hard. Sometimes we just don’t have it. And honestly, that’s okay. We’re trying our best.

This weekend’s purpose is to rejuvenate and get some energy back in order to concentrate on my WIP (novel) again. It’s in the “first draft is done” stage. I found the speech-to-text app in Word and “Samantha” is reading to me in (sometimes) a snarky tone. It’s like the GPS lady telling you you’re lost and to make the damn turn already. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Anyway, I hope to gain some energy back and come back refreshed.

I’m equally hoping Connecticut will be back at school Monday. That’s the plan, but with how our last few days have gone, I’m not counting on it. We’ll have an outbreak or a blizzard. And snow days means I have to sit here with him again all day homeschooling?? Projection … Universe … Breathe … my other kids at least do their work on their own, but he’s constant. Constant reminders. Constantly redirecting. Don’t flip off your class. Put your MUTE on. Sit down. Listen to the teacher. Are you listening? Stop talking. How long do you want to take to do this assignment? Just do it. No you can’t eat in class. Yes I understand we’re sitting at the dining room table. Yes you can take a break. Please take a break because Mommy needs a break. I don’t know how his teachers and special education paras freakin’ do it.

Anyway.. Here’s to taking a break. Here’s to all the homeschooling work-at-home parents trying to do it all. I see you. I am you. It’s okay to cry. Then KEEP GOING. You MUST. #keepgoing #youcandoittoo Tell me what you’re working on. Let’s get motivated. First, take a break.

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