How to Move Toward your Goals and be Excited!

I woke up this morning with excitement! It is Thanksgiving week! And although most people think of everything they HAVE to do with complete dread, I’m thinking about what I’ll have time to do. What do I WANT to do? This is the secret to getting things done: find something you enjoy in the process.

Hate emptying the dishwasher? I have found that I plan to watch my favorite YouTuber when I need to clean or empty the dishwasher. I’ll bring my laptop or iPad in the kitchen with me. Usually the segments are short and plenty of time for me to clean with a distraction or background noise, learning how to do something or listening to motivating “cleaning music”. Something. It feels like a reward when the video or podcast is over and the dishes are done!

So number 1) think about it. What do YOU want (or have) to do that will make you happy to finish? Make your list. Add three to five things (big and small) and make them realistic or you’ll never do any of them. Then ask, what will make me happy if I do this thing I’ve been wanting to do? Then do it. Don’t know how? Just start.

2) Have something you really want to do but the project seems too daunting? Write it down anyway. But you won’t have time? OK. If you think you won’t, you won’t. Here’s the secret to getting it done: break it down into smaller pieces and times: the bus stop, waiting for your kids to eat breakfast, ten minutes before bed, ten minutes earlier in the morning, ten minutes at lunch, something.

Want to WRITE a book? Sit with a paper and pen, laptop, even Notes on your phone and write a list of ideas. Done. It’s only STEP ONE of the bigger goal, but it counts toward the original list you made, so count it. Why not?! It makes you feel good to accomplish something. Anything.

Want to READ a book? Pick one out and set out ONLY to read 2-3 pages. Sometimes you’ll surprise yourself and finish a whole chapter. When’s the last time you read a book? A novella?

Take a moment and remember what you used to like doing. And see if this sounds familiar … think about all those who are just trudging through life, discouraged, just being, and are not really happy. They don’t have goals to accomplish in order to feel rewarded. They’re not doing anything for themselves anymore. Is this you? Accomplishing one thing at a time, however small, is how to start.

I always joke that as a busy mom I’m constantly running in five-minutes increments … which is why I’m finally posting this morning post at noon! Life gets in the way but the trick is to KEEP GOING and always go back to it. What can I get done in five-minutes? Hey, whatever works, just get something done. You’ll thank me later!

Michelle Spray is an additional needs mom and Author living in Connecticut with her husband and their blended family. In the midst of working two part-time jobs and schlepping kids to doctors appointments and surgeries, she runs a household of six, and writes books. Indie publishing has allowed Michelle the freedom to write multiple books in different genres thus following her own path to happiness and creativity. She loves when people ask her how she does it all. Her answer, one step at a time.

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